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An Amazing Documentary by Louis Theroux- Miami MegaJails

Louis Sebastian Theroux (born 20 May 1970) is an English broadcaster best known for his Gonzo style journalism on the television series Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and When Louis Met…. His career started off in journalism and bears influences of notable writers in his family such as his father, Paul Theroux and brother Marcel Theroux. He currently works with BBC producing his documentaries and popular TV series.

Theroux spends time in “Main Jail” (PTDC), one of the most notorious sections of the Miami jail system,[1] including time on the fifth and sixth floors of the PTDC where many of the most volatile inmates are incarcerated. The inmates are held for pre-trial and so are to be considered innocent until proven guilty. He also spends time in the Miami-Dade Boot Camp in part two.


Thug Politics

Greece must cut 4,000 jobs to earn its next bailout payment. But with each cut the government’s control in the country is weakening, as the desperate populace turn to vigilante governance, Golden Dawn style.

As cuts bite ever deeper in Greece, many Greeks feel that the government can no longer provide the protection and services needed for a strong civil society. And in this frightening power vacuum the people have turned to another power: “If I get burgled or I have a problem and I call Golden Dawn, in zero time they are here,” says local shop owner, Mathina. But Golden Dawn aren’t just an over-active neighbourhood watch: “We are ready to open the ovens! We will turn them into soup.” It’s statements like these, from a Golden Dawn member running for parliament, that has immigrants in Greece living in fear. And their threats are not idle. Immigrants dragged out of A&E, businesses ransacked and racially-segregated soup kitchens have become commonplace. The checking of people’s papers on the streets is scarily reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. “Greeks are hungry, foreigners are hungry. In the end one will eat the other,” Mathina says simply. As more locals like Mathina turn to Golden Dawn for support it begs the question; at what cost is Greece’s tough economic medicine coming?

Manu Chao- Bongo Bong

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BlockHead- The Music Scene

The Future of Film Making

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Good Cinema.

Badlands – Terrence Malick Back when Hollywood had the courage to invest in complex and morally ambiguous works of art, there were films like Badlands. An obvious inspiration behind Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom”, both films lust for meaning in an absurd universe, revolving around characters who struggle to affirm that they truly exist. I feel this movie is still as relevant as it was in 73′

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Behind The Scenes of Terrence Malick’s film To The Wonder

visual lyricism, reverential obsession with the natural world, rejection of conventional narrative schematics, thematic wrestling with the ineffable, stunning

A Great Canadian Film: Rebelle (2012) (War Witch) by Kim Nguyen Writer, Director and Co-Producer

Written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Kim Nguyen, War Witch is narrated by a pregnant 14-year-old girl (wonderfully played by nonprofessional actress Rachel Mwanza) as she tells her unborn child the stories of her life since she was captured by a rebel army at the age of 12 in The Republic of Congo

Reviewers are calling it a “harrowing” and “haunting” story which combines fantasy with documentary-like filming techniques.

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It is the “dreamy, fairy-tale quality that meshes surprisingly well with the more violent aspects of this tale” that sets the film apart, one critic writes.

Watch Kama Sutra:A Tale Of Love

Set in 16th Century India KAMA SUTRA is the tale of two girls, Maya and Tara, one a lowly servant, the other a noble princess, both raised together as children. But whilst Tara is raised as a Princess Maya, as her servant, is forever reminded of her subordinate position. It is though her striking beauty and her skills of seduction learnt through the Kama Sutra, the Indian book of love, that Maya exacts her revenge on Tara by seducing her husband on her wedding day thus beginning a destructive struggle for power where revenge is the goal, but tragedy the outcome.

Awards & Nominations –
Declan Quinn won the 1998 Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography for his work in the film

The film was also nominated for the Golden Seashell award at the 1996 San Sebastián International Film Festival.

An Inspirational Director: Mira Nair