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An Amazing Documentary by Louis Theroux- Miami MegaJails

Louis Sebastian Theroux (born 20 May 1970) is an English broadcaster best known for his Gonzo style journalism on the television series Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and When Louis Met…. His career started off in journalism and bears influences of notable writers in his family such as his father, Paul Theroux and brother Marcel Theroux. He currently works with BBC producing his documentaries and popular TV series.

Theroux spends time in “Main Jail” (PTDC), one of the most notorious sections of the Miami jail system,[1] including time on the fifth and sixth floors of the PTDC where many of the most volatile inmates are incarcerated. The inmates are held for pre-trial and so are to be considered innocent until proven guilty. He also spends time in the Miami-Dade Boot Camp in part two.


Hayao Miyazaki: Dramatic Plot Structure

Hayao Miyazaki: Dramatic Plot Structure

If you haven’t already seen an anime and want to, I suggest anything by Hayao Miyazaki. He’s an amazing Japanese film director, animator, manga artist, producer, and screenwriter. Maybe start with Princess Mononoke (the princess on the wolf) You can watch it online here:

A Great Canadian Film: Rebelle (2012) (War Witch) by Kim Nguyen Writer, Director and Co-Producer

Written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Kim Nguyen, War Witch is narrated by a pregnant 14-year-old girl (wonderfully played by nonprofessional actress Rachel Mwanza) as she tells her unborn child the stories of her life since she was captured by a rebel army at the age of 12 in The Republic of Congo

Reviewers are calling it a “harrowing” and “haunting” story which combines fantasy with documentary-like filming techniques.

Watch full movie online here:

It is the “dreamy, fairy-tale quality that meshes surprisingly well with the more violent aspects of this tale” that sets the film apart, one critic writes.

Watch Kama Sutra:A Tale Of Love

Set in 16th Century India KAMA SUTRA is the tale of two girls, Maya and Tara, one a lowly servant, the other a noble princess, both raised together as children. But whilst Tara is raised as a Princess Maya, as her servant, is forever reminded of her subordinate position. It is though her striking beauty and her skills of seduction learnt through the Kama Sutra, the Indian book of love, that Maya exacts her revenge on Tara by seducing her husband on her wedding day thus beginning a destructive struggle for power where revenge is the goal, but tragedy the outcome.

Awards & Nominations –
Declan Quinn won the 1998 Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography for his work in the film

The film was also nominated for the Golden Seashell award at the 1996 San Sebastián International Film Festival.

City of God (2002)

When Knockout Ned (‘Mané Galinha’ in the Brazilian original) kills someone for the first time, some people who live in the City of God approach him and congratulate him for the killing. The first woman to talk to him was played by the mother of the real Knockout Ned.City of God is based on a true story that takes place in the 60’s where in the slums of Rio De Janeiro two boys growing up in the neighborhood take on different paths in life. The story is told through eyes of Buscape, a poor young fisherman’s son who dreams of becoming a photographer one day. His story narrates the violence and corruption surrounding the city and the rise and fall of one of the city’s most notorious boss’. Li’l Ze. As war wages on the streets Buscape’s only way out of this violent life is to expose its brutality the world through his pictures. Along the way the lives of other are put into perspective as their stories intersect with the events that take place.

The Evil Dead 1981

The Evil Dead 1981

The original script called for all the characters to be smoking marijuana when they are first listening to the tape. The actors decided to try this for real, and the entire scene had to be later re-shot due to their uncontrollable behavior.


The Lost Boys 1987

The Lost Boys 1987

Boodsucking Cinema
All the blood had glitter in it and was slimier than other fake blood.